About The Project

 About the project

Project: BG04-02-03-001 “Energy efficiency in the heating systems of Kindergarten N10 and Municipal social complex”
Project budget: 415 001.78 BGN (212 187.04 Euro)

Duration: 18 months. Grant contract No.BG04-02-03-001-011 signed on 18 August 2015.

Main target:Increasing of energy efficiency in two municipal buildings through renovation of heating systems

Specific targets:

·         Improved living comfort in both buildings under project implementation;

·         Reduced budget costs for heating and electricity

·         Minimization of the costs for operational maintenance of energetic equipment

·         Raising awareness of the benefits of implementing energy efficiency measures


Main project activity:

Renovation and optimization of heating systems in two municipal social institutions – Kindergarten N10 and Municipal social complex. Construction works include the implementation of these two technical projects:

1.      "Replacing the boiler of gas and liquid fuel, construction of a new substation and internal heating of Kindergarten N10";

2.      "Optimization of the heating system in the Municipal Social Complex through replacement of boilers and new heating system".

Other project activities:

·         Project organization and management – under this project activity   is provided the organization and management of the project to be carried out by officials of the municipal administration Dobrich and partners involved in the project.

·         Construction supervision, technical and investor supervision – During the implementation of construction and assembly works at two buildings covered by the project, according to the Law on Spatial Planning is provided:

-          Construction supervision during the implementation of the technical projects;

-          Technical control who provides for coordination of the technical project for compliance with the requirements for high-risk facilities - in the case of gas and pressure vessels, and control during installation of gas equipment and pressure vessels and the necessary follow-up trials with a view commissioning of the facilities;

-          Investor control is carried out by an authorized representative of Dobrich Municipality, which will control the time of implementation of technical projects.                                                                                                                                                            

·         Expert exchange in Bulgaria and Norway

Under the project, the Norwegian organization Norsk Energie cooperates to conduct appropriate practical exchange of experience with the team of experts of Dobrich Municipality. During the exchange visits are organized into objects that are with improved comfort, due to the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

·         Publicity and Information


The activity includes measures that aim to promote the financial support given by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. The measures for information and publicity target to raise the awareness of the community of the project and to demonstrate its role and importance for the citizen of Dobrich. The activities are aiming to attract the target groups, beneficiaries and the community including:

-          Providing publicity of the project - organizing information events on the project - initial press conference, press conference on the progress of the project, the official opening of the buildings and final press conference;

-          Providing information about the project - In order to broader awareness information campaigns and all activities included in the project provided for the development and printing of branded promotional materials such as banner, brochure, folder, pads, pens, bags, bubbles, program event and etc .;

-          Elaboration of web-site that will contain information in English and Bulgarian. The information on that site includes all the project information, project progress, achievements and results, cooperation with the partner from the donor-states, pictures, contact information and visualization of the financial contribution of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the donor-states.

All of the information materials for the implementation of the project are in compliance with the requirements of the Manual for design and communication, where are published the exact technical parameters, regarding the logo of EEA Grants 2009-2014 for visualization of billboards, posters, publication, web-sites, etc.




·         Financial Audit

In the end of the project implementation an approved auditor have to audit and will prepare a financial audit report related to the financial implementation of the project. The report will contain exhaustive information on all financial aspects of project implementation.

Expected results in figures

After the implementation of repair and optimization of heating systems in both municipal buildings will be achieved savings, which help to be reduced the carbon footprint of Dobrich Municipality, as follows:

o  Energy savings – 169.123 MWh/year

o  Ecological equivalent of the energy savings  61, 68 tons of CO2 per year;

o  Saved financial resource – 25 800 BGN/year

Partner: Norsk Energiq Oslo, Norway

Partnerof Dobrich Municipality during the project implementation is Norsk Energi, Oslo, Norway. Between partners is signed a Partnership agreement for exchange of expert knowledge and experience, consultancy and training.

Project promotional leaflet in English (informational brochure)