A visit of the Norwegian partner in Dobrich Municipality
Published by: 19.04.2016

On April 19 2016, in Dobrich Municipality arrived two representatives of project partner Norsk Energie, Oslo, Norway. The Norway experts are Sergei Faschevsky – Senior consultant “Projects for Energy, Environment and Climate mitigation” and Marie Haugen – Consulting engineer on heating supply and energy efficiency in Buildings, Department of District Heating Supply and renewable energy sources from consultancy organization Norsk Energy, Oslo.

The purpose of the visit of Norwegian experts acquainted with the objects, which will be implemented energy efficiency measures in heating systems, and conducting the first partner meeting on the project.

Together with members of the project team of Dobrich Municipality have visited two municipal buildings – the Kindergarten No.10 "Slantchitze" and the Municipal Social Complex, which are object of the technical projects for optimization of heating installations.

In kindergarten No.10 "Sluntchitze" the experts were impressed by the type and condition of the boiler and the boiler room, which was put into operation more than 40 years and is highly depreciated. Detailed their upcoming performance was explained the technical design and expected results.

In the building - the Municipal Social Complex the Norwegian experts have been acquainted with the specifics of the social building and the technical solution for zoning of the building, which will optimize the heating process and significantly reduce the energy costs for the building.

After that in the Business hall of Dobrich Municipality administration have been conducted the first project meeting, which  aim was to be discussed the upcoming project activities and joint cooperation in further project implementation.

The Project Manager, Eng. Anastasova presented the progress of the project implementation, namely the selection of performers of each project activities under the Law on public procurement and further contracts for implementation.