Starting of the construction and engineering works underProject BG04-02-03-001
Published by: 30.06.2016

Dobrich Municipality, as a Beneficiary of the Grant contract No.BG-04-02-03-001-011/ 18.08.2015 signed contracts for construction works activities on technical projects after completed public procurement procedures for selection of implementers under the Public Procurement Act.

The contract is in two lots - for each project as follows:

-          Lot 1 "Construction works of heating systems in kindergarten №10 "Slantchitze" - replacement of the boiler of gas and liquid fuel, construction of a new substation and a water heating system." Implementer - "MIP" Ltd. - Varna, contract budget 126 259.66 BGN, duration of implementation period - 100 days.

-          Lot 2 "Constructionworks of heating installation of Municipal Social Complex – optimization of heating systems through replacement of boilers and new heating network. Implementer - "Factoring 9000" Ltd., city of Burgas, contract budget 103 348.38 BGN, duration of implementation period - 80 days.

The companies began working at two buildings immediately after the signing of contracts for implementation. During the technical implementation of works activities in the Kindergarten №10 “Slantchitze” and the Municipal Social Complex will be carried out construction supervision, under Spatial Planning Act and investor control by an authorized representative of Dobrich Municipality. There is a licensed technical supervision of high-risk equipment, regarding the specificity and character of the installations in both buildings.

Dobrich Municipality has provided the necessary arrangements for the normal functioning of the buildings, which will be repaired next three months.